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Once the Customer places an order online and proceed with the 20% deposit, LiveLife Limited commits to deliver the order within 6 weeks.

The Customer understands that delivery of the ordered items shall occur only at locations within the Mauritian territory limits excluding Rodrigues and other Outer Islands.

To ensure safe delivery, the Customer must properly fill the delivery address, the mobile number and any specific instructions in the fields provided online.

LiveLife Limited Delivery Team will contact the Customer directly to notify him when the delivery of his order shall take place.

In the event that the Customer notices a change in his availability with respect to receiving his ordered products, he must call LiveLife Limited on 57985732 to notify the Delivery Team as soon as he reasonably can.


The Customer needs to present his identification document (National ID or Passport) to the Delivery Staff before accepting the delivery.

The Customer must ensure and check that the product delivered is the right one and that he receives a Warranty Certificate. A sales invoice indicating the amount paid by the Customer will also be provided to him upon delivery.

The Customer will have to sign a Delivery Note acknowledging delivery of the products and need to check and ensure that his products are delivered sealed. For any issue regarding the delivered product, the Customer will have to inform LiveLife Limited on 57985732.


For Rodrigues, LiveLife Limited commits to deliver the order within 3 months.


A delivery fee of MUR 1000 is applicable for delivery in Rodrigues. 


The order shall be collected by the customer at Mauritius Post in Rodrigues. An Avis De Reception shall be signed upon collection of the order by the customer signed prior to shipment.

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